Sunday, January 17, 2016

Happy 2016 and It's National Hot Tea Month!!!

Okay so I know its been a minute but I've had a lot going on!  With the flood, starting a new job, and the holidays I have been too busy to think!  But since it's a new year I want to make a point to keep my peeps updated on the latest of my coffee and tea adventures.

First off my plan was to host another tea party at the end of this month in honor of January being National Hot Tea Month.  I decided to postpone the party til the spring sometime after Easter.  In the meantime I will be hosting a series of workshops with my business partner and bestie.

The first workshop will be on Stress Management the first week in February.  Of course I will have some relaxing tea ideas to share with the group.  I will also be following up with another workshop on relaxation later in that month as well.  For more info make sure you check out our Triple E Consulting Group website.

I am looking forward to doing more tea events and socials in 2016!  If you have any ideas or suggestions on themes for my tea parties please let me know.  Until next time!  Happy Sipping!!!