Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Coffee, Tea, Wine and FLOODS!

Okay so I have been MIA for a minute!  The flood swept into town the first week of the month and wrecked havoc on my schedule and focus! 

But good news...I AM BACK!!!

So I have been toying with the idea of how to host my second tea party event.  I have a few themes that I have been throwing around.  The first was a retreat/shopping experience to coincide with the holidays.  The second was not actually a tea party but a wine tasting (still one of my preferred beverages :-D) with bite sized finger foods.  The third idea was a crafting event where the ladies put their creativity to use by designing their own hat for the occasion.  The first 2 ideas are perfect for the holiday season but the third will more likely be more appropriate for the spring.  The year is winding down fast so I need to make a decision quick!

If you have a preference of what kind of event I should host next please let me know.  I would LOVE your input!  What event would you prefer?

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